Along Enoden | Cafe and Antique shop around “Koshigoe Station”

There are many cafes and shops converted from Kominka (ancient houses) around “Koshigoe Station” of Enoden. You can feel the retro atmosphere in the area where old-fashioned town remains. If you are looking for a nostalgic Kamakura life, come to  “Koshigoe Station” and you will be surprised by those cafes and shops!


Get off at the “Koshigoe Station” and let’s start our trip for the old time.

A pleasant aroma hidden in the lane “Koshigoe Cafe”

Koshigoe Cafe

The “Koshigoe Cafe” is located on the place 2-minute walk away from the station. This café was a training camp for college students. It still remains the special Japanese rooms so that all the customers could enjoy their coffee without bother.


There are many books and magazines on Kamakura and Enoshima in this Japanese-style interior space. Nothing will be better than the reading time with a cup of coffee.


The difference of the “Koshigoe Cafe” from other cafes is that the pets are allowed here. I chose the sofa to spend my afternoon time.

chocolate parfait and coffee in koshigoe

I ordered a chocolate parfait (600 yen) and free refill coffee. Vanilla and chocolate ice cream mixed with cake in the parfait were tasted well, sweet but not cloying. Don’t you think it is an ideal dessert for lunch?

Besides, sandwich and carry are also available here. You can ask for the English menu. the “Higoshigoshi Cafe” is really recommended to those who love the retro atmosphere.

Address: 2-12-10, Koshigoe, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa
Open: Mon.-Fri. 10:00~17:00, Weekend and Holiday 8:00〜17:00

Antique shop 「Retrocabin」

Antique shop Retrocabin

The「Retrocabin」 is just like a mini gallery, filled with various items from all of world. This shop is recommended for those who like beautiful antiques and art works.

You will see the interesting items such as old sewing machine and the cock horse made in Europe. Oh, see what I forgot, the Lucky cat from Edo Period.

Address: 2-10-25, Koshigoe, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa
Open: 11:00~17:00

SLAM's Burger House

Japanese style hamburgers

On the way to the beach, unique shops and dining halls are everywhere. I bet you will love this, a restaurant named “SLAM’s Burger House” offering Japanese style hamburgers. And the point is that this restaurant is opening until night.

「Enoden & Sea & Sky」 Secret spot No.1

Enoden Secret PHOTO spot

Keep walking till the coastal road, then you can enjoy the peaceful scenery. Let me show you the photo spot where you can put the Enoden, the sea and the sky in one shoot. Take a walk down the small alley opposite the sea and take the picture from the top. Here is not as popular as the spot at Kamakura high school, but that is why you can take the picture of the beautiful scenery without the disturbance of the crowed.


There are also many ancient houses near the “Koshigoe Station”, so that it is an area surrounding in a vintage atmosphere. If you want a peaceful day, you must come here to feel the Enoden and the sea with a cup of coffee.

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