Everyday Food Fest at Enoshima

Aside from the beautiful scenery, the first two words that comes to mind with the mention of Enoshima are “FOOD FEST!!”, and yes, in capital font replete with exclamation points. Upon crossing the 600 meter bridge linking the Enoshima Island from mainland Fujisawa, you’d immediately be greeted by the aroma of barbeque, wafting from stalls located just right at the periphery of the island’s entrance.

Having only 4km in circumference, one can practically explore the whole Enoshima island at leisure within one day (albeit you can also stay overnight or longer, to enjoy the spa and other activities available in the island). Hence, before entering the island’s “threshold”, you have to make a very important decision: whether to try the different foods offered by the stalls lined along the walk up and down the hilly island or to try and check out the food on the many restaurants also equally lined along the walk.

One thing Enoshima is famous for is the fresh shirasu (young, white fish that’s abundant in Sagami Bay which surrounds Enoshima). Some food stalls offer them fresh.


Don’t hesitate to ask for shoyu / soy sauce from the staff, if you want some to flavor your shirasu; albeit the fresh shirasu in itself is already tasty enough.


You can also try Shirasudon / Shirasu Donburi inside the restaurants. These shirasudons could either come with fresh shirasu or boiled shirasu. Some restaurants have so many variants of Shirasudon, most typical of which is one with salmon roe.


Of course, have your donburi with a local beer!


You can enjoy your beer while watching the beautiful panorama at the top of Enoshima. The island is hilly, with stairs leading you up and down the island. But escalators are available too, for a fee (if you have the Enoshima 1-day pass, the escalator fees are included in the pass).


Or try and enjoy great Enoshima cider….


whilst watching the sea on your way to the Iwaya Caves, located at the southern coastline of Enoshima. People hang out in these jagged stone plates for fishing and sunbathing or even to just simply enjoy the breathtaking view.


Enoshima have their own donut version, sans the hole in the middle. Theirs look more like churros. The staff are friendly too! Had a nice chat whilst enjoying my “lengthy” donut.



On your way out of the island, you may also try the local soft cream while enjoying the beautiful sunset.



On a great weather day that has good visibility, you might also be able to see Mount Fuji. And no, it’s not a mirage prompted by all the beer you’ve consumed earlier in the day.


Heart overfilling from seeing the beautiful views, seeing the interesting Odakyu Katase Enoshima Station yet adds some more a smile up our faces.


If you opt for a day trip to Enoshima, to maximize your trip, be sure to purchase a one day Enopass (Enoshima Passport) which covers your Odakyu train fare, Enoshima escalator fees and entrance fees for the Sea Candle, Samuel Cocking Garden and Iwaya Cave. For pass fares and where to buy, check out the Enoshima website below.

Enoshima 1-Day Passport