Along Enoden | Kamakura Museum of Literature at Yuigahama Station~Rose Festival

Arriving at the Yuigahama Station, you will see the beautiful beach immediately. Climb to the top of the hill and you will find a classic European architecture. Yes, that is what I want to introduce to you all, Kamakura Museum of Literature. What’s more, the Rose Festival in early summer and autumn is the most awesome time because of colorful roses. Ok now, follow me to find the fun of Yuigahama Station.

Yuigahama Station

The peaceful and leisure air greeted me as soon as I get off the train at the Yuigahama Station. The gentle wind blowing over my face reminded me of those relaxing holiday time.

After a 5-minute walk, the Yuigahama sea spread in front of me, quiet and wide. However when the Yuigahama swimming beach is open to public, here will be filled with the people surfing and sailing. The sunset was so amazing.

Kamakura Museum of Literature and Rose Garden

Walking along the ramp next to the station, you will find the Kamakura Museum of Literature following the road marks. The house was owned by Toshinari Maeda and rebuilt into a European villa after a fire. Later on Toshinari Maeda sent it to the Kamakura city. From that, the house has become opened as a museum.

Kamakura Museum of Literature ticket

The ticket includes the admission of both display and garden.

A tiny path covered by the green is leading you to the entrance. So it is cool even in the hot summer. Enjoy the phytoncide with your families and friends.

Kamakura Museum of Literature

Light beige wall and brown fence and window frames make this house from period of the Showa era look like a fairy tale. The stained glass and lightings are really worth visiting. By the way, here is a famous scene appearing in many dramas and films .The museum will change the theme with time, usually for Japanese writers.

Kamakura Museum of Literature rose garden

At the beginning of May to early June, and in the autumn, the garden in front of the museum will be full of blooming roses, attracting people to visit.

garden in front of the museum

The roses of various colors bloom together, widening visitors’ view. What a glorious Japanese style garden of the roses.

There are also special types of roses, such as pink and white roses. It is not likely to be seen.

Kamakura Museum of Literature
Address: 1-5-3 , Hase, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa
Open: 9:00~17:00(OCT.~FEB. until 16:30)

Delicious Taiyaki store「たい焼き なみへい」

taiyaki in kamakura

The store selling Taiyaki named「なみへい」, near the station , is a popular sweets star here.

Besides the general taste of red beans, the Mocha stuffing, chestnut stuffing and chocolate tastes are also available. The price is about 200 yen.

In addition, when the summer is coming, the strawberries and mango ice will be added into the menu, which is very suitable for the beach time. Come here and have some ice to take a break!

Japanese taiyaki

I tried the Mocha one this time. As known, the skin is crisp and really full does. Please bite with expectation.

matcha taiyaki in kamakura

I almost could not stop eating because the aromatic character and agreeable taste. I recommend it to those who want to try Japanese sweets but not good at so sweet ones.

Taiyaki NAMIHEI(たい焼き なみへい
Address: 1-8-10, Hase, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa
Open: 10:00~18:30

If you have decided to have a trip to Kamakura, why not coming to Yuigahama and enjoying the beach time long away from the city life? You can also take a stroll to the Kamakura Museum of Literature, enjoy the roses carefully roasted, and then try the Taiyaki with the families. Have a good time, my friend!

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