Along Enoden | Best Cafes near Kamakura station

This time I got to the most famous spot, Kamakura. In condition of the shops and restaurants, there are many special cafés as well. Have you seen the Starbucks owning garden and a pool? Can you believe that there is a quiet café on a such busy road? Let me show you.

I get off the train at the Kamakura Station. The Komachi-dori is just behind the main street. It’s full of little shops selling local wares and delicacies.

The secret coffee in the deep path 「Café bee」

kamakura Komachi-dori

Walking on the Komachi-dori, you may be tired of the crowed. Let me introduce this café which is only known by the ones with practiced feet. Help yourself to have cup of coffee and break loose.

kamakura cafe bee

There is a billboard at the entrance of the lane. Turn into the lane and keep walking until you find it.

cafe bee in kamakura komachi dori

The owner of the Café bee is a photographer named BISHIN JUMONJI. He has been active since 1970, takes the advertising works for Shiseido and Uniqlo.

cafe bee garden

The garden nearby is not open to the visitors but you still can feel the good sense of the owner by a look of the Japanese style design.

cafe bee inside

The creamy wall makes the café warm and the staffs serve the visitors thoughtfully.

must visit cafe in kamakura

A lot of potted flowers decorating the windows, going with the color inside, make the café more elegant. Through the window, the lovely garden view greets your eyes like a painting.

cafe in kamakura

The tea-things are almost the collection of the owner. Most of them came from 19th-century Europe. You can find their history from the pamphlets set beside the door.

kamakura cafe

The coffee here is elaborate. About 5-6 kinds of coffee beans could be chosen. Of course it is set with cakes. Look , I have tried the strawberry cake which is available only now.
It is a feast of vision and tasting to visit Café bee. Everything here makes you feel the classic good time passed by, just like a time travel.

shop: Café bee
Address:  1-7-22, Yukinoshita, kamakura-shi, kanagawa
Open: 11:30~18:30

The Starbucks coffee rebuilt from an animator’s manor

Starbucks Coffee Kamakura Onarimachi

As the birthplace of the Shogunate, Kamakura remains many historical sites, many of them are the manors of the litterateurs and ceramists. And the Starbucks Coffee Kamakura Onarimachi is rebuilt from the animator Yokoyama Ryūichi’s manor. The Sakura trees and pergola are maintained, therefore, the whole space is rich in poetic and artistic conception, entirely suit with Kamakura.

Coffee Kamakura Onarimachi outside

The seats outside are set beside the pool. Would you like to enjoy the unique scenery over a cup of coffee?

Coffee Kamakura starbucks

The space inside is also commodious. Sofas for a break or tables for business, anything you may want are prepared here. You can also find the “Fuku-chan”, the popular works of Yokoyama, set up on the wall. If you like to find the special Starbucks Coffee around the world, here will be a wonderful place to you because it is really a charming space.

Shop: Starbucks Coffee Kamakura Onarimachi
Address:  15-11, Onarimachi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa
Open: 08:00~21:00

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