Explore Kyodo: Shopping Streets and Stationery Shop

Kyodo is 12-17 minutes from Shinjuku by Odakyu Local or Express Line. There are a lot of shops in the north and south area of the Kyodo station, not only the traditional ones but also the young people’s favorite ones. This time, let’s go to explore the most unique shopping streets and find out the interesting shops.

odakyu line kyodo station

Get out of the ticket barrier , on your right hand, there is “Suzuran Street Shopping District”, and on your left hand there is “Agricultural University Street” and “Kyodo Honcho street”.

North Exit—Suzuran Street Shopping District

Suzuran Street Shopping District in Kyodo station

Firstly, I will introduce the “Suzuran Street Shopping District” for you. There is a sign and clock decorated the entrance to the shopping street. Most of the shops on this street are often used for daily necessities. But if you go for 5 minutes into the street, you will find a lot of fashionable cute stores.

Usually the street is very quiet and you often have opportunities to see the local residents have a walk or chat with each other on this street. However, it becomes bustling when the Suzuran festival in May and Kyodo art festival in October.

a Ramen shop in kyodo station

It is said that this Ramen shop located in Suzuran Street “Ramen Ei” is very famous, why not have a try?

A Small stationery shop in Suzuran street

A Small stationery shop in Suzuran street Kyodo

A small stationery shop named “harukazesha” can be seen on the left side of the road about 6 minutes on foot from the Suzuran street shopping street. Once entering the shop, you will find the small space is filled with various items. Pretty items such as masking tapes, notebooks, notes and items for the datebooks are everywhere. In one word, you will find the shine and rustle of retro style things in this store.

A small stationery shop named "harukazesha"

This store provides products with high quality, which are chosen by the owner all round the world. They are so cute and interesting so that the neighborhood nearby are usually come to have a look. Not only brick and mortar shops, it also has opened online store.

There are plenty of cute calendars and notebooks and variety of unique cards. If you would like to see stationery and miscellaneous goods in a cozy shop with a calm atmosphere, come to visit “harukazesha”!

Shop: harukazesha
address: 2-11-10, Kyodo, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Open: 12:00~22:00 ( Closed on Tue.)

After enjoying the north area “Suzuran Street Shopping District”, let us go back to the south area and explore the shops there!

South Exit —Agricultural University Street

how to go kyodo Agricultural University Street

“Agricultural University Street” which can be seen immediately after getting out of the south exit is a very lively shopping street. Because Tokyo agricultural university is just nearby, so it is a busy street with many students coming and going every day. Of course, there are plenty of shops popular among the young.

 kyodo Agricultural University Street" heart family"

There is a stone statue which is the character of the shopping street standing at the entrance of “Agricultural University Street”. As the name “Heart Family”, everyone seems to be heart-shaped. And the Kyodo festival held in July every year here is also very popular.

shopping in kyodo Agricultural University Street

In the shopping district with a length of 380 meters, there are more than 150 shops, mainly restaurants. Popular chain stores such as Takoyaki and beef bowl can be seen everywhere. As the university is near the street, you can enjoy the gourmet here with a very reasonable price.

South Exit —Kyodo Honcho street

kyodo station south exit Kyodo Honcho street

Next to the entrance of “Agricultural University Street”, there is a shopping area named “Kyodo Honcho street”, a quiet atmosphere all around. You can take a totally relaxing walk. There are tofu shops and fish shops in this shopping street, local people often come here to do shopping as well. If you love a quiet atmosphere, you can spend a lazy afternoon enjoying gourmet.

road lamps are really interesting on the "Kyodo Honcho street"

By the way, the road lamps are really interesting on the “Kyodo Honcho street”

Walking in shopping districts full of the young enthusiasm, the shops along the road tell you the story about Japanese life. The Kyodo area is still developing, you will find the fun and charm here even over your imagination.

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