Shimokitazawa cage|A event space that everyone can enjoy

Shimokitazawa cage


Shimokitazawa is a popular place among young people who likes alternative cultures. There are so many used clothes shops, zakka shops (stationary and lifestyle goods), boutiques, cafes, bars, theaters, live houses…etc around here. Recently, a temporary open-air event space called “Shimokitazawa cage” has opened.

shimokitazawa cage

Shimokitazawa Cage is a space surrounded by fences under the train tracks of the Keio Inokashira line. The space looks like a basketball court and it allows people gather here freely. During the day, it’s a perfect playground for parents and children or a place where people walk around or rest.  At night, it turns into a spot where people can enjoy music, drinking and nice Asian foods, or even Night markets. It is a open-air space that everyone can enjoy.


You can enjoy so many different events at here, for example, talk-show or forum, beer garden, outdoor movie showings…and so on. Among them, the best popular event is the Night market which gathers so many interesting shops, such like zakka, used books, records, second-hand clothes…that people can feel the culture of Shimokitazawa, which is the most alternative place in Tokyo.


shimokitazawa cage

In addition, there is a Vietnam and Thai food restaurant called  “LONG VA QUAN” besides the event park. You can enjoy good Asian cuisine and drinking here. Also, those stainless steel tables and colorful plastic chairs create the wonderful atmosphere of the Southeast Asia.

Bánh xèo

The recommended menu is “Bánh xèo”, a traditional Vietnamese food, a fried pancake stuffed with pork, shrimp, vegetables. Alongside this, the drink is take-out available that people can drink during shopping at the market of Shimokitazawa cage.


Shimokitazawa cage is not only welcomed by local people and alternative culture fans but also foreigner travelers. It is open until 2019, so, if you wanna experience the charm of Shiokitazawa, don’t hesitate to come here to pay a visit.

Address: Underneath the Inokashira line tracks, 2-6 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Open: Everyday / 13:00 – 23:00

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