Shinjuku Illumination: Colourful and Shiny Christmas

Winter is coming and with the arrival of the coldest season of the year and the cold and snowy weather, the city of Tokyo gets ready for a welcome full of lights and colours. For those who will spend a few of this cold days and period in Japan, in the city of Tokyo, you will have the chance of enjoying the warm environment and welcoming atmosphere created in the district of Shinjuku for the winter holidays.


shinjuku christmas

The appealing area of Shinjuku, one of the most centric, famous, renowned, cutting-edge and characteristic neighbourhoods in the city of Tokyo, removes the dust off its winter best clothes to enlighten the coldest nights of the season with colours and music.


For all the walkers who choose to walk around the area of Shinjuku, they will find a welcoming atmosphere full of lights and colours, inviting them to enjoy a unique experiences for winter holidays. PICTURE: 6XmasIlu_eperez Walking a few minutes from the Odakyu line station and its trains stretching from the West exit to the South exit, and very near to the Takashimaya Times Square area, it can be found a beautiful surroundings known as Shinjuku Terrace City. This is a lovely, attractive and charming zone, settled in the city centre, comparable and similar to a little oasis in the constantly busy and sometimes rashly character that is typical of such an immense, great and enormous city as it is Tokyo. With the arrival of the winter season, this area has became a universe of lights, colours and music that will, without the shadow of a doubt, delight its guests.



During this winter, Shinjuku Terrace City covers amazingly its roads with shiny lights and colourful balls decorating the characteristic trees visible in the area.


Besides, it has decorated one of the ends of the centric and well-known road with a simple but stunning artificial and geometric figure of a tree for Christmas holidays and its celebration. The attraction is not only an impressive geometrical shape, but also an interactive element that adds an attractive and charming component of innovation to the magical environment recreated in the area.


10th Shinjuku Terrace City Illumination for 2015 and 2016 is this year’s sensation for the end of the year. The attraction will be available from November 11th 2015 to January 4th 2016.


Furthermore, it offers six different interactive spectacles to decorate this artificial, ecologic, geometrical and original Christmas tree.

Shinjuku Illumination

An spectacle full of dancing colours and lights, accompanied by several different musical options. The different visions are named as “Techno power”, “Japan power”, “Kawaii power”, “Cosmic power”, “Dramatic power” and “Love power”.


Each one of them has its unique music and colours, dancing around the white, artificial, geometric shaped tree to liven up it. “Techno power” is a futuristic design of lights and shapes, followed by an original melody. “Japan power” feasts the eyes of the witness with Japanese traditional figures and images, accompanied by Japanese style music. “Kawaii power” warms the heart of the walkers with cute and adorable pictures and symphonies. “Cosmic power” leads the senses to a different dimension full of stars, planets and shooting stars that transport, together with the music, to another universe. “Dramatic power” shows an spectacle full of warm colours and music, inviting to forget the cold weather. “Love power” envelops the atmosphere with dim and intimate lights and colours, awakening the most romantic spirit and feelings of everyone around.

Shinjuku Illumination

Last but not least, the activation of these six interactive decorations for the attraction is original, using both hands. Maybe by sharing a bit of your own vital energy with the ball of the tree, the tree gives back a powerful answer to the contact full of music, lights and colours.

Shinjuku Illumination

Undoubtedly, a magical attraction for those who decide to walk around the area and activate it only by touching a golden ball with their own hands. Enjoy the spirit of winter around Shinjuku area and feel the magic these holiday.

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