Have your cake and eat it in Shinjuku

With a gaggle of birthday celebrations and high teas in Tokyo under my belt, it is somewhat of a necessity to have a little black book of Japanese cafes and restaurants at hand when planning a visit to Tokyo’s Shinjuku district. Those in the know may choose to map out their day in Shinjuku by their cake breaks in among the sparkling backdrop of some of Tokyo’s most impressive skyscrapers. The best cakes in Tokyo gain popularity quicker than you can punch it into Google maps, so it is good to have a couple of options on hand. As casual cafes and upmarket patisseries jostle for the esteemed title of serving the best cake in Tokyo, happy patrons can rest assured that the cake displays are constantly updated with the freshest and most artful cakes that Tokyo has to offer.

Set in the busy maze of Shinjuku, this cake journey reveals some of the most lauded and highly rated cake shops in the area. Cupcakes and Mont-blanc meet cheese cakes and tortes in an informal cake championship. The cake in Tokyo is of world class quality and incorporates local Japanese ingredients and skillful mastery to serve up the slickest and most mouth watering cakes around. To begin the sweet journey of no return is Delicatessen. A chic speciality shop tucked neatly into the famous Park Hyatt hotel in Shinjuku. From there we wind through the backstreets and side streets of Shinjuku discovering the sweet treats that are scattered between upmarket department stores, Shinjuku hotels and Tokyo’s car showrooms.


Address ; Nishi-Shinjuku 3-7-1-2, Shinjuku, Tōkyō, 163-1055


Opening times ; 11:00-19:00

Park Hyatt Tokyo’s Delicatessen is a chic gourmet specialty shop set on the first floor of the Shinjuku Park Tower’s brightly lit atrium. The Delicatessen carries its own branded items as well as some handcrafted goods that are showcased in the surrounding walls.


There is an upstairs and a downstairs section to Delicatessen, each with its own offering of food and drinks. The downstairs seating area offers extremely reliable and simple fare and the lemon lime tart hits you right in the spot where sweet meets tangy and urges you to take another bite of the soft merengue that is perched atop a tart base of lemon citron. Paired with some good strong coffee at a very affordable price It is no wonder the area is a hit.


While you take in the bright space and enjoy the mellow music, patrons chatter and contemplate the cake display while the sleek and attentive staff attend to your culinary needs and advise you on any of the Delicatessen souvenirs. This café is a no brainer for a simple chic lunch date to sample some of the best cakes in Shinjuku at very affordable prices, and if the occasion calls for some celebratory toasts, a selection of fine wines are chilled to perfection and would pair nicely with the deli selection on offer.


Aigre Douce

Address ; Shimo Ochiai 3-22-13, Shinjuku, Tōkyō, 161-0033

Opening Times ; Mon-Sunday 10:00-19:00, Tuesday – closed

Aigre Douce is a dessert shop set in a beautiful dark wooden building so impressive and reminiscent of a cosy French patisserie that it is easy to get lost in the bright attractive window displays and see the kitchen at work. But enter you must to enjoy the delicious cakes by Douce’s chef, Terai Norihiko, who started his training at the nearby L’Notre pastry shop in Ikebukuro. After training in Europe, he returned to work as a lecturer at the Tokyo branch of the French cooking school Le Cordon Bleu until he finally opened his own store in 2004.


With its twinkling lanterns and inviting atmosphere you may feel the need to stop for a macaron or three and of course to sample some of the most delicious strawberry shortcake in Shinjuku. My all time favourite, the Monblanc, is also a popular choice along with the Aigre Douce pound cakes, a speciality of Norihiko.

Patisserie K. Vincent

Address ; Tsukudo hachimancho, Shinjuku-ku, 162-0815 Tokyo, Japan

Opening Times ; Mon,Tues 11:00-19:00, Third-Sunday 11:00-19:00


Sweets lovers headed to Shinjuku, pay attention. Keiko Ishii-Vincent, one of Japan’s most talented and celebrated pastry chefs, offers up her superior treats in an elegant patisserie. Closest to Iidebashi station, the strawberry shortcake is only served when the strawberries are of the utmost quality. Having trained under world-famous chocolatier, Jean-Paul Hevin, the multiple layered chocolate cake, Amer80 bring people back time and again and the creme brûlées are delicacies to behold in a variety of flavours from espresso to vanilla.

The desserts and cakes served at Patisserie K. Vincent are not only decadent but quite exquisite and should not be passed by if you are in the area. This Tokyo dessert café in Shinjuku is well worth dropping in for.

For more information → http://www.odakyu.jp/english/destination/shinjuku/