Gourmet in Kyodo: Good time with hotcake and coffee

Because there is a university near Kyodo station of Odakyu Line, the whole street is very vital! Many shops are newly opened and really worth visiting. This time I will introduce the pancake shop and fashionable cafe near Kyodo station to you. If you take a walk near Kyodo, please look forward to the unexpected gourmet!

Professional pancake shop “TSURUBAMISHA”

japanese style pancake in kyodo

Walk 2 minutes from the North exit with rotary, It is a shop named “TSURUBAMISHA” located on the first floor of a brick-like apartment in the alley. The hotcake shop ” TSURUBAMISHA ” has a simple and comfortable exterior.

Professional hotcake shop

There is a small sign said “hotcake shop” hanging outside.

japanese hotcake shop in kyodo tokyo

The most famous order of this shop is “hotcake” which is baked carefully with iron plate. How about the price then? 310 yen for 1 piece; 570 yen for 2 pieces; and 830 yen for 3 pieces. By the way, cream, ice cream, fruits are really perfect with the sweet hotcake as  side menu!

pancake shop in kyodo

The difference between hot cake and waffle in Japan is that the texture of hot cake is fluffy and the fabric seems to be thick. It will be baked one by one, so it takes a while after ordering. Also, it is more delicious if you put on a homemade maple syrup on the table. If you like hot cake, come and come and try it!

Shop: Hotcake Tsurubamisha
Address: 3-9-4, Miyasaka, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Open: 11:00~20:00( Closed on Wed.)

Have a cup of coffee in “SLOW HANDS”

kyodo cafe "SLOW HANDS"

In the “Agricultural University Street”, there is a famous coffee shop named “SLOW HANDS”.
They offer you only the quality and taste on the menu, but also a close connection with relaxing time.

Various coffee beans in slow hands

Various coffee beans are sold on the first floor of the store which are selected carefully by the staff of the store. And you can see they worked to make your coffee if you order one.

I ordered iced latte this time. If you have it in the shop, a cute illustration card and a comment are attached, and the production area of coffee beans is written in the explanatory note.

Whenever I want to have a cup of coffee with friends or by myself, “SLOW HANDS” on the Agricultural University Street is always on the recommended list. Make time to enjoy the gourmet around Kyodo.

Address: 1-21-20, Kyodo, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Open: 10:00~20:00

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