Kamakura|8 Must-Buy Japanese sweets souvenir from Kamakura

kamakura sweet souvenir

Japanese sweets souvenir from Kamakura

When it comes to Kamakura, there are so many kinds of sweets that are popular among both domestic and international travelers. Overwhelmed By Too Many Choices? Here are the 6 must-visit shops and the 8 must-buy sweets souvenir (お土産, omiyage) for you!

1. Half moon biscuits (半月お菓子, Hangetsu Okashi) and Red beans castella (大納言カステラ, Dainagon Kasutera) from 鎌倉五郎 Kamakura Goro

kamakura goro

Although the name of this biscuit is “half moon”, it is no exaggeration to say that the size of this biscuit is actually like full moon! It is quite big that diameter of every cookie is about 15 cm. And, it is very crunchy and smells good with the matcha cream or red bean cream. Additionally, the rabbit packaging design is so lovely that no matter everyone would be happy when receiving it.

red bean castella

Besides, the new product of Kamakura Goro is the red beans castella sponge cake. The combination of red beans and coarse granulated sugar is just perfect. Nevertheless, the nostalgic package is also good as a Japanese souvenir.

鎌倉五郎 Kamakura Goro
Address: 2-9-2, Komachi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa, 248-0006, Japan
Open: 10:00~19:00

2. Japanese Pumpkin Agar Sweets (かぼちゃきんつば, Kabochia Kintsuba) from 鎌倉いとこ Kamakura itoko

kintsuba sweet souvenir

Kintsuba is traditional wagashi (Japanese sweets) and was popular among folks of Edo period. Kintsuba are often made from sweet bean paste cut into square pieces and dipped into a light batter. But, the Kintsuba here are made from pumpkin paste instead. The mild, sweet flavor goes well with tea. Moreover, there are many flavors you can choose. According to the staff, foreign travelers love to buy the ganache chocolate Kintsuba. By the way, as the picture shows, you can see staff making Kintsuba in front of the shop. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

kintsuba kamakura

鎌倉いとこ Kamakura itoko
Address: 2-9-5, Komachi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa, 248-0006, Japan
Open: 10:30~18:30 (Close when it is sold out)

3. Kamakura Sponge Cake (かまくらカスター, Kamakura Custar) from 鎌倉ニュージャーマン Kamakura New German

kamakura custar
Kamakura New German is a old patisserie and bakery at the east entrance of Kamakura Station. The best selling item is their Custar. It tastes so good due to the big amount of custard cream in the soft sponge cake. Apart from this, there are seasonal limited edition flavor custar as well, for example, the black tea flavor is popular in winter. And the best-before date of it is 4 days in the future, so, it is also a good souvenir of Kamakura for several decades.

鎌倉ニュージャーマン Kamakura New German
Address: 1-5-2, Komachi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa, 248-0006, Japan
Open: 8:30~20~00 / Sunday and holiday 8:30~19:00

4. Hikage Daifuku (日影大福) from 日影茶屋 Higake Chaya

daifuku kamakura

Daifuku means soft round rice cake stuffed with sweet bean jam. Higake Chaya is a Japanese sweets shop of the famous Japanese restaurant in Kanagawa. Daifuku here is so soft and the smashed red bean paste is lightly sweetened. It is exactly the right size for snack while you are walking around the Komachi street. The expiration date is only one day, if you wanna buy souvenir, there are also other delicious snack here. Next time, you visit the Komachi street, please don’t forget to pay it a visit.

日影茶屋 Higake Chaya
Address: 2-2-26, Komachi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa, 248-0006, Japan
Open: 9:30~19:00

5. CHIKARAMOCHI rice cake (力餅) & GENJIYAMA sesame red bean pastry (源氏山) from CHIKARAMOCHI YA 力餅家


CHIKARAMOCHI YA is a 300 years old snack store near to Hasedera Temple. They makes so many kinds of Japanese snacks, such as rice crackers, mochi rice cake or manju cake…and so on since Edo period. The famous item is the rice cake called Gongoro CHIKARAMOCHI. Instead of wrapping anko (sweet red bean paste)by rice cake, Gongoro CHIKARAMOCHI is a mochi looks inside out that rice cake is covered by anko. It tastes natural and moderately sweet. It starts loosing the softness soon so if you want to buy some souvenir from here, Gyuhi CHIKARAMOCHI is a better choice. Rice cake of Gyuhi CHIKARAMOCHI is mixed with water and sugar so that it  keep the softness longer than Gongoro CHIKARAMOCHI and tastes sweeter.

genjiyama cake

Furthermore, they also sell a sesame red bean pastry called GENJIYAMA, which is one of a well-known brand of sweets of Kanagawa. The sesame flavor goes well with red bean paste and the cake crust has a good smell of butter. Most of all, the expiration is longer than both Gongoro CHIKARAMOCHI and Gyuhi CHIKARAOCHI, so it is also excellent as a souvenir of Kamakura.

Address: 18-18 Sakanoshita, Kamakura City, 2480021, Kanagawa Japan
Open: 9:00~18:00

6. Warabimochi (わらび餅) from 段葛こ寿々 Dankazura kosuzu

段葛 こ寿々

While walking along the Wakamiya-oji street, these traditional wooden house will definitely catch your eyes. Here are the stores of Dankazura kosuzu, a soba noodle restaurant and Japanese sweets cafe.

dankazura kosuzu

Have you ever try Warabimochi, a popular summer sweet in Japan that made from bracken starch. This chewy, smooth and jelly-like mochi goes well with black sugar syrup. If you don’t have much time to visit the store on the Wakamiya-oji street, there is a takeout stand at the Kamakura Station. So, when you are about to leave Kamakura, don’t hesitate to drop by here!

段葛こ寿々 Dankazura kosuzu
Address: 3-3-25, Yuigahama, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa, 248-0014, Japan
Open: 10:30~17:30

How about these introduction of Japanese sweets souvenirs of Kamakura? Let’s enjoy shopping and eating at more amazing Japanese sweets stores here!