Shinjuku | Salaryman’s favorite Ramen「ebisoba: えびそば一幻」

Tokyo Shinjuku is said as the fiercest battlefield about the Ramen. We have received a lot of recommendation from the office workers. This time I tried the Ramen shop 「えびそば 一幻(ebisoba ichigen)」, which is famous for the unique Ramen noodles with shrimp miso soup. I promise that you will love this flavor as soon as you try the rich soup.

Turn right from the west exit of the Odakyu line Shinjuku station, along the way which the UNIQLO and GU stands on, through a crossroad, and then continue walking forward…

Two or three minutes later, you will find a Tully’s coffee on you left hand, then you can turn left in to a lane and go right at the first fork. That is the 「えびそば 一幻」!

I visited at 9 o’clock so that there was no queue. But if you come at meal time, you probably have to wait.

First, choose the one you would like to try on the ticket machine. There are three flavors, “Salt shrimp soup”, “Soy sauce shrimp soup” and “Miso shrimp soup”, which one do you like?

In addition, you can adjust the level of the soup as you like.
▪ そのまま= Original flavor
▪ ほどほど= Porpely add pig bone soup
▪ あじわい= Add alot pig bone soup
Next, choose the wide noodles or the thin noodles you want and push the bottom.
Last, pay for your ticket and go for a seat to wait the staff coming for you.

I have chosen the “original miso shrimp soup with thin noodles”. You cannot imagine how much I expected until you try it by yourself. By the way, the “Salt shrimp soup” is also the recommendation by the staff.

There are only bar seats in the shop. You can see the process how the chef makes the noodles. The signatures from the famous on the wall show how popular the Ramen shop is!


Few minutes later, the Ramen was completed. Delicious smells pervaded the space as soon as my noodles put in front of me. I cannot wait to have it. The rich soup with the barbecued pork, fresh scallion and soft boiled egg let me really enjoy and full.


The soup of the「えびそば一幻」is made by fresh shrimp, stewed for many hours to make sure that the delicate flavor of the shrimp have come into the soup totally. And the red ginger fried by the shrimp oil make the soup powerful, generous, remarkably well-structured.

Although I am not those who love the soup made with pig bones, I still think the soup here is too delicious to forget. If you like the flavor of shrimps, you must not miss this shop .

Shop: Ebisoba ICHIGEN Shinjuku(えびそば 一幻 新宿店)
Address: 7-8-2, Nishishinjuku , Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0023
Open: 11:00~23:00(closed on Wednesday)
Ebisoba ichigen official site

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