Shimokitazawa|An 100 years old rice cracker shop in the young people area


Rice cracker shop TAMAI YA 玉井屋

Shimokitazawa is an inspiring area popular among young people who like subculture. However, there is a rice cracker shop, TAMAI YA that has opened 100 years ago at Sumida area of Tokyo, and moved to Shimokitazawa at 1913. The shop looks a little bit unfit with the atmosphere of Shimokitazawa. However, it actually keep being beloved by both local people and foreign travelers.

tamai ya

Nostalgic Atmosphere

The outside of the building is covered with brick red tiles. Interior, the showcase are antique wood and glass cabinets and those ball-shaped glass jars are so fascinating that all these elements make you feel like slip back in time, and also wonder if you are really in Shimokitazawa or not.

tamai ya shimomkitazawa

According to the owner, since there always have some old wagashi (Japanese sweet) shops that is hard for first-timers to casually drop in, they made their shop with no doors that creates the atmosphere wide-open. It is really friendly for customer to enter. Therefore, there are not only local customers but also some foreign passerby entered by curiosity.

Recommend Items

Senbei is a traditional snack that people of all age love to eat. Due to a great variations of senbei (soy-flavored rice crisps) sold in the shop, you might feel difficult to decide whether should buy. We recommend that you try Teyakinori (手やきのり) which refers to Rice cracker with baked seaweed.


It is very crunch and good smell of rice and soy sauce as well. Besides, Kakitane (柿種) is also popular. It is made of rice crackers and red peppers so it is a bit spicy. So, it is a common beer snack. Of course, there are also sweet senbei such as Surimitsu (すりみつ) which means a round-shaped rice crackers with syrup.


A shop in Shimokitazawa you can’t miss

The rice crackers made by TAMAI YA is very natural. So it is not only a good choice as daily snack, but also perfect for a souvenir of Japan. Though Shimokitazawa is a fashionable area where changes fast, this nostalgic local shop keeps serving freshly-baked and distinctively delicious senbei. If you want to feel another face of Shimokitazawa with retro and Japanese showa style, TAMAI YA is a best place you must visit here.


Address: 2-31-1, Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 155-0031, Japan
Open: 10:00~20:00