For those that enjoy the outdoors and a bit of adventure, you should definitely check out the Odawara Forest Adventure. It is an outdoor Zip Line and Adventure Park located near Odawara station. A few friends and I decided to check out this adult adventure park a few weeks back and we definitely weren’t disappointed.

Coming out of Yokohama or Tokyo you are looking at about an hour to an hour and a half to make it to Odawara, which also has a great castle and grounds nearby. The Odakyu Line is great option coming out of Shinjuku in Tokyo and many other convenient locations, with a number of car options that are quite nice. From Shinjuku, their Limited Express “Romance Car” will get you to Odawara in one hour and nine minutes for only 1,700 yen. There are also a few slightly more affordable options, but the Romance car is a steal for the amazing view you can enjoy along the way. Not bad at all for the fun you will have in store.


Once at Odawara station make your way to the west exit. I recommend just grab a taxi or there are buses that run to the park area which is pretty large. Once there, if need be, you can use the restroom across the parking area prior to walking over to desk to pay and sign your consent forms. Cost we paid each for the park was 3,600 yen for person. A bargain for the great memory you will walk home with.

Some additional pricing depending on your situation includes:

Under 18 years old Individual / 2,600
Group 8 persons + /
Season ticket (valid for one year) /
18 years old and more Individual / 3,600
Group 8 persons + /
Season ticket (valid for one year) /

Group rate applies to bookings of 8 or more participants. Price includes harness rental, insurance and tax.

Family discounts: Price applies to booking of 3 or more participants who are directly related.Group rate applies to bookings of 8 or more participants.
Price includes harness rental, insurance and tax.

Family (1adult+2kids 7,900
Family (2adults +1kid 8,900
Family (2adults+2kids 11,200
Family5 (2adults+3kids 13,500

Senior discounts

Over 60 years old 3,300
Private guide 5,200 / 1 tour guide


It is for the guide when the participating adult can’t play with kids. Prior booking for this option is required.

Conveniently, you can put your things in some little free cubbies provided. Just take your cell phone if you wish to take some photos and gloves if you choose to bring or rent them from the park. I don’t think you need the gloves per say, but it depends on how sensitive your hands are.

You will receive a mandatory safety brief from the staff before you start. Japan lacks safety regulations for this type of course. Consequently, Forest Adventure holds itself to European safety standards. They have experience operating treetop courses since 2006, and this team has definitely built up the expertise to run courses that are both safe and fun. It was apparent that their constant aim is for the upmost safety. And must show the staff representative that escorts your team that you can do the required safety steps with your lanyard up on the practice lines before going into the course. He or she will also go with you as you navigate the course to help where needed, take photos with your camera, and clean up the course as you go.




They said that we could take a go pro on the course but not to take video while personally doing the zip lines. You can take it up and take shots of your friends while they make their runs. They just don’t want you to film yourself while going down the line.

There are a couple of courses to choose from:

ADVENTURE Course: Minimum height: 1.40m or over 10 years old / Maximum weight: 130kg

* Participants under 18 years old must be accompanied by a supervising adult.

* One adult (18+) may supervise up to two under-18s.

DISCOVERY Course: Minimum height: 1.10m and over 6 years old / Maximum weight: 130kg

* Participants under 18 years old must be accompanied by a supervising adult.

* One adult (18+) may supervise up to two under-18s.

Recommend the longer one which is the Discovery Course. It consists of 8-10 longer zip line runs with upwards of 33 various obstacles mixed in. All of the obstacles are up in the trees. Of course you are tied into a safety line as you try to make your way across them. One of the most fun ones was a big rope swing into a huge cargo net. Intense and you get the feeling like you are Tarzan. You swing out. Then climb up and tie into a zip line and head down. Some of the zip line runs are upwards of 30 plus seconds.





Overall the Discovery course will take you around an hour and a half to two hours for 4 people. We took our time and enjoyed each of the obstacles. Some teams may take longer depending on your ability to tackle each obstacle and efficiently utilize the lanyards on the harness. For those that may have a bit of a fear of heights, I feel the level of safety and the assistance of the staff at any given moment would help to reduce that fear.


The website that hosts details about the Forest Adventure can be found at http://fa-odawara.foret-aventure.jp/eng/

Recommend that you check the website for their schedule to ensure that they will be open on the day you wish to visit. Also, recommend to give a call and book over the phone. They can be reached at 080-4330-4030. You can also book via their website. If you have questions and you wish to contact via email you can use Odawara@t-forestry.co.jp.
. They do have shoes and clothing for rent to include rain jackets. You can bring your dog out for the adventure. There are soda machines nearby but pack a small lunch, onigiri, or bento if you think you will get hungry at the site. Also for sale, are Forest Adventure T-shirts of various styles and sizes.

The address for the Odawara site is 4391, Kuno, Odawara city, KANAGAWA Pref 250-0055

Overall there are 16 sites located in Japan and one in Okinawa, but the Odawara site is the largest of them all.

If you are ok with it, they are happy to put some of the photos from your adventure on their Facebook page. We didn’t mind. Hope you enjoy this great time and wish you the best. And highly recommend the Odakyu Line as an option to get you there.


For more information → http://www.odakyu.jp/english/